About HRDF

About Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

Established in 1993, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) is a dynamic organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources. Governed by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (PSMB Act 2001), HRDF was given the mandate by the Malaysian Government to catalyse the development of a competent local workforce that will contribute to the nation’s vision of becoming a high-income economy.

Since its inception, HRDF has evolved from managing a sizeable fund to becoming a one-stop-centre for providing novel human capital development solutions to the critical mass of Malaysian small medium enterprises.

Well positioned to offer robust and prudent solutions, it aims to have Malaysia move up the Global Competitiveness Index by enhancing both regional and global competitiveness, propelling the country towards being a high income nation by Year 2020.

In line with the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (11MP), the Malaysian Government also initiated several programmes that focus on accelerating human capital development through four major areas. These include:

  • Improving the efficiency of the labour market to accelerate economic growth;
  • Transforming  technical and vocational education to meet industry demand;
  • Strengthening lifelong learning for skills enhancement; and
  • Improving the quality of education system for better student outcomes and institutional excellence.

For these purposes, The National Human Resources Centre (NHRC) was formed in 2011 under Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). Specifically, NHRC offers various services including HR consultancy and advisory services for capacity and capability building programmes. The main objective of the NHRC is to improve the quality of human resources management among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia through the use and adoption of modern and progressive HR practices. Only with this improvement, SMEs are able to attract and retain skilled workers which are important elements in human capital development.

One of the services offered by NHRC is the NHRC Portal. For the past two years, various types of content has been developed and offered to the employer through the NHRC Portal. The services or the content which are available to the employers at the NHRC Portal are forum, live-chat, FAQ and static information on HR legislations and specific HR processes, documents, forms and templates. They can also refer to the FAQ for quick reference and answers and download HR video, presentation slide and articles from distinguished HR authors.

More information is available at www.hrdf.com.my